A Family Reunion Party That Can’t Be Forgotten!

Do you have family coming home for a visit after being gone for a long time!  What a good time to plan a family reunion! Times like these are many years between so make this a family reunion that everyone will remember. Where to start though? With so much to get planned, where do you begin?  What can you do to make this the family reunion a gathering to be remembered for years to come?

First you need to get a head count of what family members are likely going to be able to come.  With that information, you can find a location. You want a place that is large enough to hold everyone and that has plenty of room for comfort. If you expect a lot of out-of-town family, you want a place that is easy to locate. At the same time you’re locating a place, you need to get the date range you would like to hold this event and make sure the location you choose is available.

Your next plan of action will be to let everyone know the what, where and why this event is taking place. You could do the old fashion way making phone calls and having family pass it around to everyone. Or you could send out mass emails or text messages. Or you could do something more memorable such as sending out reunion save the date magnets! Have the date and place printed up on these invitation magnets that everyone can stick on their refrigerator and be reminded every time they get a cold drink.  Reunion save the date magnets build excitement as the date gets closer and sparks fond memories after the reunion passes.   

As you prepare the menu and assign reunion duties to family members that live close by you can plan the special things that will make this event even more memorable!  Name tags pre-printed with everyone’s name and city and state are great ways to break the ice and start the introductions. If they are married into the family, a picture of the family member on their name tag will help everyone match up who belongs to whom!

Another great family reunion memory maker is to have personalized reunion water bottle labels made for the event.  You could even have a different reunion water bottle label made for each family branch giving each their own “brand” of water marked as a souvenir to take home as reunion party favors. Reunion water bottle labels are affordable and easy to apply and are always that little touch that makes a big impression.

Along with having the reunions save the date magnets printed up in the party theme, you need reunion party favors that everyone can take home with them for keepsakes too. Have reunion wine bottle labels created with the family sir name, the date and location of the reunion printed on them.  Put these custom bottle labels on water, beer, wine and even champagne bottles! Have a batch of labels created that shares a piece of family history like when the first members came to this country and settled. What a fantastic way to teach the younger family members history and put this reunion over the top!

Design a batch of reunion water bottle labels with trivia questions about an original family member and design a batch with the answers. Then the family members that never see each other or have never met can use these as ice breakers as they find the match to their bottle! With custom bottle labels to hand out, parents of the newest members can put one on a baby bottle and put those away when they get home for a treasured gift years later.

As the reunion party comes to an end and each branch of the family heads home, you have given them things that will help them remember this event for years to come. It started off with the reunion save the date magnets, those will keep forever! Then they each have a their only family branch branded reunion water bottle labels with their names listed as the ingredients that built that branch along with the reunion date and place as a souvenir reunion party favors.