Go Green With Magnets Instead of Paper Invitations

We bet you're wondering what could be green about magnets over paper?  Why on earth would a magnets and labels company be promoting magnets as "green"?  May the veil be lifted.  Consider the number of paper invitations people send out in a lifetime.  From weddings to birthdays and anniversary parties to retirement gigs, there is a LOT of paper floating around and around.  Now consider the number of paper or photo paper birth announcements that people send out when those 10000 or more children are born each day and you have enough paper to…. wall to paper… OK we're not really sure what, but it is definitely a lot of paper.

So what do you think happens to those invitations and birth announcements over time?  Sure some are recycled, some are used to start the wood stove on a cold winter’s night and even more are hung on the fridge until the day that their precious space is needed for some other important reminder.  In the end, none of those invitations and announcements that the sender usually labors over picking, writing and sending stays around for more than 6 months time.

This is where Magnets And Labels magnets are unique.  Consider now that this year you will be sending magnetic invitations; in particular, Save the Date magnets in lieu of traditional paper invitations.  Save the Date magnets are a great way to announce your party date, they are easily placed on the fridge as a reminder and rather than be taken down when more important dates come along, the Save the Date magnet holds up that future engagement and future, future engagements for years to come.  The magnet never dies, doesn’t need buried and acts as a lasting photo keepsake rather than added material for the landfill.

Once more, magnetic birth announcements work in much the same way.  Only magnetic birth announcements are so much better than the traditional paper and even the new glossy photo birth announcements.  Imagine grandparents, aunts and cousins being able to gaze at your precious new bundle every day.  Even you can keep a magnet on your file cabinet in the office or on the tool cart in the shop.  Imagine the sweet calm that one little birth announcement magnet will bring to the important people in your baby’s life.  Because it features your child’s date of birth, family and friends will know for years to come just when that important day rolls around again.  Paper and photo birth announcements eventually find their way to the circular file, but birth announcement magnets stick around for years and years.