Show Your Graduation Pride; Kudos To Individuality

When you look down from the bleachers onto the rows of graduates, can you really tell which one is yours? All dressed in the same colored caps and gowns, every student looks exactly the same on graduation day.  With the exception of some out of the norm hairstyle or crazy shoes, your graduate likely falls right into the sea of fellow graduates listening to a commencement speaker who is telling them that individuality will be the key to their life-long success.

Look again at that sea of caps. Is this how you want your graduate to feel on commencement day? Like they are just one of the mass? Or do you want your high school graduate, college graduate or even your best friend graduate to feel like their accomplishment sets them above your highest expectations and that you are proud of what they have achieved?

If you chose the latter and want your son, daughter, husband, niece or nephew to see that they are indeed the highlight of the ceremonies, then you need to get make sure the graduation party puts them on center stage.  The best way to shine the spotlight on your grad is to host a great graduation party that includes personalized graduation party favors especially designed for your guest of honor.

Ways to personalize the party for a great graduation celebration include adding simple touches.  Start out by sending graduation save the date magnets for the after commencement party.  While there is a great tradition in the paper commencement invitations, the after graduation party is a whole other story and should be about celebrating your graduate’s accomplishments, not the achievements of the entire class.

Keep your save the date magnet theme working right through to the refreshment table at your post-ceremony get together by featuring graduation bottle labels on every beverage.  From water bottles to cups, adding a personalized bottle label is a great way to remind every guest just what you are together to celebrate and who deserves all the credit.  For adult graduations, there are even personalized graduation wine bottles that add a classy distinction to every celebration.

Add to the graduation party fun by adding a photo, new or the younger years, of your graduate.  Nothing says personal like a winning photo of the guest of honor on what is surely one of their biggest accomplishments in life so far.